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At Beyond Property Management our team wants you to feel at home. Our team understands that a solid foundation for success starts with the relationships you build and maintain. The overall success and achievements of BPM is truly a collaborative effort.

Picture of Danyel
Danyel Brooks BROKER/OWNER
DRE #01710807

A Recognized Authority in San Diego Real Estate and Property Management with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Danyel Brooks stands at the forefront of San Diego's property management industry as the founder and Broker of Beyond Property Management. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and continuous learning has shaped her into not just an industry leader, but also a keen real estate investor with over 23 years of rich experience.

Graduating from San Diego State University, Danyel's passion for real estate has been recognized through prestigious designations such as the Residential Management Professional (RMP®) and the highest accolade of Master Property Manager (MPM®) from the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®). This distinction places her among an elite group, with fewer than 300 nationwide recipients and only two in San Diego County.

Danyel's dedication to expanding her knowledge doesn't stop at her own achievements. She has actively contributed to NARPM, serving as the Ambassador of the Pacific Northwest Region, San Diego NARPM Chapter's Designation Officer, and even chairing the 2021 National Broker Owner convention. Locally, she's a sought-after voice, delivering keynote speeches for the real estate investment club, SDCIA, enlightening others with her insights.

Living by the motto "eat, breathe, live real estate", Danyel constantly immerses herself in market dynamics, often diving deep into real estate podcasts and seminars, further solidifying her reputation as a lifelong learner.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Danyel's holistic approach to life shines through. Whether it's building homes with Habitat for Humanity, hiking with friends, or cherishing moments with family, she finds balance in all she does.

We warmly invite you to experience the unparalleled service and vast knowledge offered by Danyel Brooks and the dedicated team at Beyond Property Management

Picture of Ana Alarcon-Morris
Ana Alarcon-Morris Property Manager DRE # 01875153

Transforming Property Management in San Diego with Community Excellence

In the heart of San Diego's property management landscape, Ana stands as a beacon with experience spanning over two decades. Her name has become synonymous with San Diego property management excellence. Ana's unique skill set includes not only her deep industry acumen but also an unparalleled ability to turn communities around, creating crime-free residential zones in San Diego.

Ana's journey in San Diego real estate management showcases her adaptability, growth, and a commitment to laying positive foundations in both her interactions and the properties she oversees. Being an independent property owner in San Diego herself, she understands firsthand the intricacies of rental management in San Diego, ensuring that she caters to the needs of rental property owners with authenticity and precision.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ana has been a cornerstone in the community, volunteering her expertise and time to a myriad of causes. Her role at the Center for Community Solutions as a victim advocate and counselor is testament to her dedication to making a positive difference. Ana's commitment also extends to teaching ESL to African Refugees and supporting a local Pet Rescue organization.

For those searching for the best property managers in San Diego, Ana's track record speaks for itself. Her fusion of vast industry experience, transformative community initiatives, and a genuine drive to uplift and serve sets her apart as a trusted leader in the San Diego property management sector.

Picture of Cyan Biebe Engel
Cyan Biebe Engel Bookkeeper / Transaction Coordinator

Cyan joined the Beyond Property Management family in 2016, shortly after completing her Bachelor’s Degree. With a deep passion for the San Diego real estate landscape, she has found immense fulfillment and satisfaction in property management. For Cyan, the journey in San Diego property management isn’t just about business; it’s about helping people turn houses into homes and efficiently managing investment properties.

One of her standout attributes is her dedication to continuous education in the real estate realm, ensuring she’s always at the forefront of industry changes and can offer the best service to BPM’s clients. Her expertise and commitment make her an integral part of Beyond Property Management’s operations.

Outside of her professional role, Cyan is an avid learner, always keen to acquire new skills. Family is her anchor, and she treasures the moments she spends with them. Having witnessed and contributed to Beyond Property Management’s growth, Cyan looks forward to further deepening her involvement. Her goal remains steadfast: to work hand-in-hand with the BPM team to ensure every client in San Diego receives an unparalleled property management experience.

Picture of Ellen Bretana
Ellen Bretana Marketing Director

From Education to Real Estate - A Beacon of Dedication at Beyond Property Management, San Diego Joining Beyond Property Management in March of 2021 as an executive assistant, Ellen brought with her a unique blend of expertise from her background in Elementary Education. With a bachelor’s degree underpinning her credentials, she possesses a passionate drive to educate and enlighten. Transitioning to the San Diego real estate landscape may seem unconventional, but Ellen embraced it as a thrilling challenge, keen on expanding her horizons and skills.

At BPM, Ellen’s key responsibilities encompass both marketing and advertising, ensuring that San Diego residents find their perfect homes through our extensive listings. She cherishes being a part of a team that has such a profound impact on people’s lives, guiding them through their home-finding journeys. Beyond her professional role, Ellen balances her time between nurturing her garden, caring for her beloved cats and dogs, and attending to her grandmother, reflecting her nurturing spirit.

Ellen’s infectious positive attitude is a testament to her commitment to Beyond Property Management. Every day, she works diligently, aspiring to elevate the company’s goal of delivering unparalleled real estate services to San Diego clients. Guided by Elbert Hubbard’s words, “do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed – there’s so little competition,” Ellen embodies the spirit of dedication and heart.

RUBIN RANDOLPH Maintenance Coordinator

Merging Technical Expertise with Real Estate Passion at Beyond Property Management

Rubin brings a wealth of technical expertise to Beyond Property Management, grounded in a robust background in residential carpentry and commercial building. With over 17 years of experience in construction and technically trained as a carpenter, his deep understanding of the structural nuances of properties sets him apart in the San Diego property management landscape.

More than just his technical prowess, Rubin's passion for real estate and dedication to enhancing the client experience shine through in every interaction. He firmly believes in going above and beyond to ensure every client's satisfaction.

Away from his professional commitments, Rubin's eclectic interests range from traveling to immersing himself in music. He's also devoted to refining his Spanish skills, embracing both the language and the culture with fervor.

Rubin's sense of service extends beyond his role at Beyond Property Management. He's a proud veteran, having honorably served in the United States Naval Branch. Today, he channels that same dedication and sense of duty into elevating the standards of service and contributing to the success of Beyond Property Management.

Picture of Rich Jumao
Richildine G. Jumao-as Assistant Property Manager

Rich has been an integral part of Beyond Property Management’s evolution, playing a pivotal role in its transformation and growth. Throughout her tenure at BPM, she has faced dynamic challenges, fostered innovation, and upheld a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence. From the company’s early stages to its current stature, she has been a witness to, and a catalyst for, the remarkable metamorphosis that BPM has undergone.

Professionally, while deeply immersed in the intricacies of property management, she also holds a keen sense of aesthetics, appreciating simplicity and the charm of minimalism. She is particularly fond of earth-toned palettes, a reflection of her grounded and authentic approach to work and life. Outside the professional arena, she cherishes moments spent with family. She finds profound joy in culinary adventures, using them as opportunities to strengthen familial bonds and create lasting memories. With a balance of professionalism and personal touch, she is truly an asset to the BPM community and its vast clientele.

Picture of Claudette Aparecio
Claudette Aparecio

Joining Beyond Property Management in San Diego as an assistant in June 2023, Claudette arrived with a solid foundation, holding a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Making a transition from the vibrant world of hospitality to the competitive San Diego real estate market might seem daunting to some, but for Claudette, it's been a purposeful journey. With her innate passion for premier customer service and an unmatched eye for detail, she’s become an instrumental figure in assisting clients to find their perfect residence in the San Diego property landscape. As a testament to her adaptability and expertise, Claudette has seamlessly integrated into the bustling property scene of San Diego.

Beyond her professional commitments, Claudette enjoys the digital thrill of mobile gaming, immerses herself in the craft of crocheting, and cherishes the warmth of spending quality time with family.

Picture of Tondalaya Dockery
Tondalaya Dockery

Starting as a leasing agent, Tondalaya quickly discerned her innate passion for the San Diego real estate market. This realization propelled her from a licensed real estate agent to a pivotal property manager role at Beyond Property Management. Her unparalleled commitment to client and tenant satisfaction solidifies her position as a cornerstone of the BPM team.

In her personal pursuits, Tondalaya's culinary zeal shines. Whether innovating in her kitchen, exploring San Diego's rich culinary offerings, or delving into YouTube documentaries on ancient civilizations, her interests are as varied as they are profound. This history buff's passion for the tales of bygone eras often enriches her conversations, offering a broader perspective on the present.

Hailing from Alabama, her distinctive Southern twang adds warmth and genuineness to every interaction. In the fast-paced realm of San Diego property management, Tondalaya stands out, seamlessly marrying professionalism with an authentic personal touch. Partnering with her means achieving and often surpassing real estate aspirations.